NEW NEWS! Top lessons from Costa Rica

A short blurb I wrote about my trip to Costa Rica was published on a wonderful blog called An Art of Perspective. You can read more here. In addition (because you are my favs) I wanted to share my top 3 lessons learned from Costa Rica. Here they are in no particular order: 

1. DO rent a car and drive around. You don't have to be a road rager to drive on the highways and near Jaco on the west coast, there are several excursions/day trips within driving distance. Costa Rica has beaches, national parks, rain forest terrain and more. No excuses. 

2. DO NOT make decisions when you are not well rested and/or full bellied. The only time I felt we may have been overpaying for services/food/anything, we were too tired or hungry to think clearly and ended up making a decision we probably shouldn't have. 

3. DO engage with the locals and get off the beaten path. That sounds cliche, but it is absolutely true! Ticos know the best spots and deals, and you discover so much about the culture and country that you could never learn in a manual or online. 

Bonus lesson: Have fun and roll with the punches. Invite a little adventure into your life.