How to Live Your Calling From 9 to 5

How many of you show up at a 9-to-5 but live out your calling after hours and weekends?
*I see all of the raised hands*

You have a few options. You could:

a) quit. Think that's a good idea? Try Scott Dinsmore's Should I Quit My Job Test here first. Come back after you're finished.

b) stay and have a bad attitude.

c) stay and make the most of it.

The only difference between b) and c) is your perspective.

Change the story, change your perspective.

What's the story you're telling yourself about your job?

*Are you grateful to be employed in a shaky economy?

*Is there a way to bring aspects of your dream job into your current one?

*Can you figure out how to structure your work experience around your personal values and natural talents?

My first week back to work, I chose option b. I woke up with an attitude, already expecting the worst, and my story was that I need to be doing something else more worthy of my time. I felt drained by my work environment. I also refused to see any good in the situation and most importantly, forgot my WHY (and then I read this by Seth Godin, and you should too).

WHY did I go back to work? Because, this job provides an income to support my coaching business. This job provides insurance benefits to make sure I am healthy to continue my coaching practice. There are aspects of coaching that I can incorporate into my day because I work with...people. This job is therefore the foundation of my coaching business right now...wait what??

Yes, I flipped the script and changed my perspective.

Your day is coming. Figure out and remember the WHY. Flip the script. Change your perspective.