Many organizations are having an identity crisis and don’t even know it.

The tell-tale signs:

  • You say you’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, but everyone in your organization isn’t on the same page about what that means. Which in turn means your policies, cultures and current demographics don’t reflect your stated commitment.

  • You’re confused about your role in dismantling systems of oppression and what that means for each individual staff member.

  • You don’t want to do harm, but can’t seem to figure out how not to. Burnout, turnover, and low morale are the norm.

  • You are constantly grappling with questions of “who are we?”, “who are we accountable to?” and “who is valued in our culture?

Ultimately, these signs point to a need to radically transform your core identity, and intentionally develop a new one that works for all people. Luckily, I have experience walking alongside organizations as they begin their journey. Some core components of that journey include:

  1. Assessment: name where the organization is and strategize about the future. Where can we start and focus on?

  2. Collective Momentum: foundation and level-setting. How can we move together as an organization, knowing everyone is at different places on their journeys?

  3. Integration: practice on a small scale sets a pattern for the larger system. How do we cultivate communities of practice, internal and external to our organization?

  4. Align/Refine: scale our learnings and integrate feedback. How we do maintain accountability to the identity we’ve constructed?

Every journey is unique. And adaptive. And it takes time. And work, on a personal and organizational level.

As we shift your culture, we may be diving deeply into one (or a few) of these areas/tools ——————>

Click here for a sample DEI Strategic Plan Report - this report was created by an organization I supported after spending one year together.

If this seems like something your organization needs, or you have even more questions than when you started reading (yay!), click below to get in touch so we can talk.


What Clients are Saying.

"I have been working with Stephanie over a month and absolutely love her energy, focus and commitment to what she does. As a coach she gives you her full attention to understand and know who you are and what you are about. Stephanie thinks outside the box and has a natural flow about her. I would recommend working with her because she will be an asset to building the relationship you need with yourself to develop relationships with others. She is an absolute joy to work with." - Sandra H.

"Stephanie is a patient and resourceful coach. She had a very good understanding of [the client]’s needed for a good decision and guided [the client] though the process with calm and support." - Sadhbh M.

"When I met Stephanie I immediately knew, she was someone to keep around. Working with her has been a pleasure. I love her perspective on life, her authenticity and ability to listen. She hears what you are really saying and then asks just the question to make you see/hear that too. I have learned so much from my conversations with her and I look forward to many more conversations" - Jenny R.

"Great stuff!! Glad we crossed paths. Excited to be working with you as one of your coaching clients." - Casandra M.

"Stephanie, oh Steph. A great coach. She has a way in building awareness and seeing things in a different light. I love talking to her" - Dixie G.

"Contact Stephanie if you’re ready to let your amazing out! She did it for my stubborn self" - Maxime P.

"During the three month process, she challenged me not only to change my perspective but to hold myself accountable for my goals and aspirations. It was a great three months and have changed my outlook on life and took me from just having thought to following through with action. It was a great experience and I would recommend her services to anyone." - Sydney J.