"Someday" Isn't On the Calendar

Hello Loves!

I recently received the news that a beautiful young soul I knew died tragically in Brazil. He was a part of an inner circle group that I am involved with. I immediately thought of a note of encouragement that I had shared with him this past February. He was struggling with courage and motivation, and individual group members decided to write him a private note to encourage him. I want to share that note now, not just in memory of him, but because in writing this note to him, I was coaching myself. It's a message that I think we all need to hear. With love and support from the group, he was living courageously, traveling around the world, and giving hilarious updates via Facebook in the process. From the many Facebook comments and pictures, it is apparent that everyone around him was inspired by his words and his life.

The notion that "someday" isn't a date on the calendar has hit me particularly hard again. We always are waiting for something before we can take action..."if I could just make more money...lose 10 more pounds...THEN I'll be happy...feel fulfilled...quit my job etc"  In reality, "someday" may never come. I don't see this as a grim reality; it's actually motivating and inspiring and makes me want to take action NOW, what am I waiting for?

To Max M., thank you for sharing your life with us. I'd like the share the note I sent to him and his response because I think it's a message to all of us, through him.

You have to remember that you were made for this. The world needs to hear from you. There are people who are literally waiting for you to share your soul. You have to be your own biggest fan before anyone else is!!

I struggle(d) with confidence. The best lesson I've learned is: FEELINGS FOLLOW ACTION. We're under the mistaken impression that if we are confident, then we will do the thing we are afraid of. It's actually the other way around; when you do something you're afraid of, THEN we become confident. You have to gain confidence by DOING. So freakin do it!!

Once you DO it, you can build on your successes. SO next time you're afraid, you look back and say "I've been here before, I know what to do." One of my biggest obstacles was instead of building upon my successes, I'd imagine the parade of horribles. "Well, what if no one shows up, then I lose all credibility, then my rep is ruined, then I'll need a vodka-soda, then I'll need more vodka-sodas, then I'll become an alcoholic, then I'll have to support my habit selling my body, then...." You see how dark and twisted my mind went there? All because I was scared to put out a blog post? No blog post=prostitution?? Ridiculous. Don't imagine the worst that could happen. When that thought comes up, actually dismiss it. Like, when you're listening to a lecture and your mind wanders to what you'll eat later, and you dismiss that thought because you're supposed to be concentrating- do that. DISMISS. It also helped me to STOP COMPARING myself to others. I'd look around, see what others have or were working on, and start a cycle of pity parties. You have to remember that it's YOUR journey, and no one else's. You are exactly where you're supposed to be. This is your shit!!

Lastly, this ain't a big deal. No shade at all. As Jacob Sokol says, "the Holocaust was a big deal. Slavery was a big deal. This is nothing." This is a drop in the ocean that is your masterpiece. You're gonna look back at laugh at when you first launched. In a few years when you're sitting on a beach in Bali or somewhere tropical, I want you to email/fb msg me so we can laugh at our petty struggles. Don't take it so seriously. You're awesome beyond measure and have accomplished so much already.

If you need anything at all, let me know. I'm also available by phone for a quick chat or text if you need it.

Go get em!!

His response:

No words. Just an infinite feeling of fullness. Of truth. Of love.

And the force that comes from all of that.

So much gratitude for you going out of your way to share this - and so authentically. It was truly unnecessary by T to invite, though I will surrender to it & embrace receiving.

Much love to you.