The 42 Percent

I am working on a book!

The book has sparked two central questions: 

1) Why are 42% of black women unmarried?

2) What, if anything, can or should be done about it?

My Mission:

  • To promote factually correct, empowering, transformative, women-loving, afrocentric, and hopeful dialogue surrounding the 42% of unmarried black women in America, using social media and literature.

  • To co-create solutions and promote inspired action which improves our communities and larger world.

The mission developed in response to statistical, anecdotal and media representations of the 42% that I felt were not capturing the true essence of that demographic, or their agency.

My Vision:

  • Provide a fresh, empowered, yet challenging perspective on the 42%.

  • Develop empowered, fulfilled, self-accepting black women who possess the mindset and tools to radically shift how society thinks about love and relationships. These same women will be free to unleash their talents, intellect, abilities, messages, and pursue their purposes, for the good of society.

  • Eradicate the stigmatizing, defeatist, polarizing, disheartening dialogue and media representations of the 42%.

Key Initiatives:

The Book: With the mission and vision in mind, the book will combine current statistics, anecdotal and personal information + practical self-acceptance how-to’s as a method of disrupting the status quo on black love. The book posits that through radical self-acceptance, members of the 42% can move towards fulfilling the purpose, and thus have the mindset and tools to enter into healthy relationships, if they so please. The larger implications of the shift impact our society and our world.

The Blab: Every Tuesday at 8pm EST. The 42% Blab program will engage a spectrum of individuals in conversations about the 42%, why they are unmarried, and in what ways we can influence and support more dialogue, responses, solutions, and policies that translate into meaningful and transformational change for this marginalized community. Unlike most current discussions on this topic, the program will provide space for those most affected by the issues to be heard in a supportive, empowering environment. Key findings from the program will be used to inform the book.

Blab Archives

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