Life Coaching

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hourly consultations

Do you need just an hour or two? These consulting sessions are for tackling singular issues. We'll dive deep for an hour at a time to get you centered and "un-stuck," whether you need to quickly clear your head, you need a pep talk, or you just want to get an unbiased second opinion. Limited to four sessions/year.




Life Boot CamP | 6 WEEK PACKAGE

The Life Boot Camp is for tackling short term goals and projects. This package helps you to quickly develop clarity and a game plan to move forward. The package includes six powerful one-hour conversations via phone or virtually, as well as a weekly check-in for support.


Rockstar Tour | 3 MONTH PACKAGE

The Rockstar Tour package is all about defining your vision for the next three months and clearing out blocks, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs so that you feel aligned with your purpose. Ten hour-long conversations will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Between-session email support included.


Transformation Overhaul | 6 Month Package

The Transformation Overhaul package helps you refresh and reinvent your life. With this package, I am committed to gaining a thorough understanding of your situation, values, and goals and will help you take action to create a life you love. The package includes twenty to twenty-two recorded calls (depending on your needs) and between-session email and phone support.



I'd love to work with you in an intimate group! Some of my favorite workshops to date have focused on finding and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship, how to be a successful entrepreneur, and living your best life. Please contact me to find out how we can work together in a group setting. 

Business Consulting

business consulting

If you're an entrepreneur, small business, or a corporation looking to dominate your marketplace, reduce stress and bottlenecks, and surpass your milestones, I am here to help! Your team will be inspired to transform their lives and careers, and will be equipped for immediate change. I offer the following workforce optimization services:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training + DEI Strategic Planning


  • Professional and Personal Development


  • Systems Organization and Alignment


These services are delivered through customized, actionable, innovate, and transformational workshops, retreats, webinars, breakout sessions and more!

What Clients are Saying.

"I have been working with Stephanie over a month and absolutely love her energy, focus and commitment to what she does. As a coach she gives you her full attention to understand and know who you are and what you are about. Stephanie thinks outside the box and has a natural flow about her. I would recommend working with her because she will be an asset to building the relationship you need with yourself to develop relationships with others. She is an absolute joy to work with." - Sandra H.

"Stephanie is a patient and resourceful coach. She had a very good understanding of [the client]’s needed for a good decision and guided [the client] though the process with calm and support." - Sadhbh M.

"When I met Stephanie I immediately knew, she was someone to keep around. Working with her has been a pleasure. I love her perspective on life, her authenticity and ability to listen. She hears what you are really saying and then asks just the question to make you see/hear that too. I have learned so much from my conversations with her and I look forward to many more conversations" - Jenny R.

"Great stuff!! Glad we crossed paths. Excited to be working with you as one of your coaching clients." - Casandra M.

"Stephanie, oh Steph. A great coach. She has a way in building awareness and seeing things in a different light. I love talking to her" - Dixie G.

"Contact Stephanie if you’re ready to let your amazing out! She did it for my stubborn self" - Maxime P.

"During the three month process, she challenged me not only to change my perspective but to hold myself accountable for my goals and aspirations. It was a great three months and have changed my outlook on life and took me from just having thought to following through with action. It was a great experience and I would recommend her services to anyone." - Sydney J.

Interested in working together but not sure if my services are right for you? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consult below.